Support on eMail Configuration

your Mail is now setup and ready to use. your maximum mail storage per account is 10MB with maximum attachment/s size of 5MB 

Before using your email account we highly recommend that you login to your email account via 
any html browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape to change you default password currently set as
"password"  go to:

Enter your user ID and Password (user id is your email example “”)

Once logged in for the first time, please click on
where you would be able to change your password from the default setting of "password" to a permanent password of your choice.

Also we recommend that you set your preference where you can customize how you want your email template to look.  this will allow you to set the number of email messages per page, stationary styles, screen size and resolution, editor type. etc...

incase you loose your password, only administrator can reset your password to its default state "password" by writing to

Microsoft Outlook Express Auto-Configuration:

With your welcome email you should have received an attachment named after your email account. please double click on it and your email account will be automatically configured to work with Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook Express Manual Configuration Procedure:
To configure outlook you will need the following:
r id is your email address example "”
Incoming POP server is:
Outgoing SMTP server is:

To start goto: Tools > Accounts > Add > Mail 


To finalize your account setup click on properties box > General Tab and enter Organization and reply address if applicable. 

Under Advanced Tab ensure that leave a copy on server is unchecked. since there is a limit of 20MB per email account. the mail server will reject any message above the 20MB limit.

If further assistance is needed please feel free to write to or call our support line @ 703-266-1000.

Many thanks for your patronage.

Thank You for Allowing us to serve you.